DO THIS Before It’s Too Late…..

Sun, Mar 20, 2016


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Is It Time To Withdraw Your Money From Your Bank?

You may have heard about this. The Central Banks in Japan and Europe have recently lowered their interest rates to below zero. It’s true. Their rates are now in NEGATIVE territory. If you want to read more about this, here’s a link to an article in on that tells more about it.

DO THIS Before It’s Too Late…..

Negative interest rates means the banks now charge YOU to keep your money in THEIR savings accounts. Forget about the banks paying you interest on your money. Now the tables have turned and you have to now pay them for the privilege of keeping your money in their banks.

Who would have ever thought we would see this, right?

After all, who in their right mind would choose to put their money into something where they tell you upfront that you will have a guaranteed loss?

Dumb, dumb, dumb…..right?


Most people simply are not aware that they have more options than they think. So what does the average person do?

To avoid the negative interest rates, if you put all of your money in the Stock Market, that’s not so smart right now. The current bull market is really long-in-the-tooth and way overdue for a significant correction. You don’t want to gamble your savings on that. Many experts are predicting a major bear market this year. So there are no guarantees in the Stock Market.

The smartest investors and the ultra-wealthy always abide by Warren Buffett’s #1 Rule For Investing which is:

“NEVER Lose Money.”


That’s why the “smart money” is doing something completely different with their money right now. Something the average hard working investor has no idea that it even exists.

Giant Commercial Banks are doing this right now so they can get back as much as 30 to 60 TIMES more interest on their money than they offer their own banking customers. (In my personal Barefoot Retirement account I am currently “SAFELY” making 58.3 TIMES more on my money now than the National average savings account rate.)

Wells Fargo is doing this. Citibank, Chase and Bank of America are also doing this. In fact, over 4,000 banks worldwide are doing this. After all, banks know money. You can bet they know how to protect and grow their own money.


Giant corporations have figured this out as well and are now using this unique strategy to protect and strengthen their financial durability during market volatility and downturns as well as to attract top talent.  Corporations like Wal-Mart, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, GE, P&G, McDonalds and hundreds of others are using this.


Even politicians, Senators, past Presidents, and powerful political insiders use this powerful strategy.

It’s recently been rumored that some prominent politicians have used this to finance their campaigns.  (No one can say for sure because this powerful strategy is 100% PRIVATE. There is no reporting required at all. It’s a completely off-the-radar financial structure that politicians don’t even have to report on their financial disclosure statements).


The GREAT NEWS is, this plan is not just for the rich and powerful who are in-the-know.

YOU can now use the same strategy these guys are using to protect your own savings and investments and completely bypass the Commercial Banks. You simply don’t need them with this strategy.

Using this little-know strategy, you can become your own bank and reap the profit on interest payments, just like the big banks are doing right now for themselves.

Versions of these highly specialized plans have been around for over 160 years. (They have improved greatly over time.)

It’s estimated that less than 1% of Americans have ever heard of this before. For the few who have heard of this before, most have heard about a “very expensive” version of it that is really profitable to the specialist who help clients set them up.


Our version is not only much more powerful, has many, many more benefits than the more expensive plans do. Plus, our plan is up to a whopping 70% LESS EXPENSIVE than just about all of the other plans you hear about.

Our plan has a unique name. We call it The Barefoot Retirement Plan. Barefoot is simply a metaphor for having the ability to able to do ANYTHING you want to do during your retirement.

When most of our clients first hear about this, their first reaction is typically that it sounds too good to be true. We assure you it is absolutely true, honest, legal, ethical, etc. Otherwise these Commercial Banks, giant Corporations, wealthy individuals and politicians would not be using this strategy.

There is a wise old saying that goes something like; “Just because you’ve never heard of something before, does not mean it does not exist or is not true.”

Our clients absolutely LOVE the plans we set up for them and they can’t say enough good things about it.

Please note, this strategy is not for everyone. You do have to put forth a small bit of effort to get these plans set up. If you are willing to put in a small amount of effort to have one of these plans set up, you will be completely stacking the deck and the financial game in YOUR favor.

That is why we are here. We specialize in these unique plans. This is 95% of what we do and focus on. We are EXPERTS on analyzing your needs and goals, and formulating and structuring a custom plan for you that will stand the test of time and serve you and your family possibly for generations to come.


We invite you to learn more about this very unique and very powerful strategy.

The best way to do that is to start by giving us a call. We will schedule a 15 minute overview call with you, at a day and time that is best for you.

Due to all of the uncertainty and economic swings, our business has never been better. People are wanting to get their funds protected NOW while they still can. So if our phone lines are busy, please leave a detailed voice mail and we will get back with you.

Go ahead and give us a call right now at: 866-480-7784

You don’t want to put this off or forget about it. It’s far too important.


Experience The Freedom To Live Life On Your Own Terms

The Barefoot Retirement Team

DO THIS Before It’s Too Late…..





P.S. Our strategy uses a legal provision in the tax law that protects and preserves your money with contractual guarantees and gives it a tax preferred status that significantly boosts your bottom-line returns.

Over the years, more than 13 attempts have been made to repeal this provision in the tax code and the tax advantages it provides.

This little-known provision has withstood these attempts every single time. I’m sure you won’t be shocked to know the main reason  these attacks have not succeeded is mostly due to the fact that many of the politicians who oversee these laws are personally using this stealth strategy themselves to greatly reduce their personal taxes and protect themselves from market losses.

WARNING:  Depending on who gets elected this November, and realizing politicians will likely be doing everything they can to grab more of our money, we would not be surprised if these tax provisions come under attack yet again.

If they were to succeed in banning this tax provision, it is most likely that anyone who gets in NOW will likely be grandfathered in. (A similar occurrence happened years ago in Australia and everyone who was already using the plan was grandfathered in.)

If you take just a bit of time to seriously look into this plan you will discover that the Barefoot Retirement Plan is THE Safest Way To Store Cash, automatically build wealth, stay off the radar and protect yourself from market losses we’ve ever found!

Take a look at what one of our highly satisfied customers had to say about our team and our plan:

DO THIS Before It’s Too Late…..

This letter is long overdue but my husband Kimo and I felt compelled to make sure that we wrote this letter to describe the absolute “Best Experience” we have ever had working with financial planners.

It has been almost a year ago that I received a random email from Jason Schmidt describing the Barefoot Plan of Retirement.  The email was brief but it described a way of safely planning retirement funding especially for those who were starting later in life which described us to a tee!

I immediately called Jason and he got right back to me and explained to me a little about the Barefoot methods of retirement saving and planning.  He sent me the Barefoot website to explore and fill out our basic financial info.  We had already met with 4 different financial planners earlier in the year and were not thrilled with the plans they were offering nor felt a connection to any of them.

Jason immediately pulled in Samuel Prentice as part of his team to run different scenarios of both Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life policies as this is what I expressed to Jason that we felt we were most interested in to start.  Sam ran quite a few scenarios of different whole life and IUL policies for each of us to begin with.  Jason set up a conference call with us, himself and Sam and 2 hrs later we knew we had found the “right team” finally!

Jason and Sam very patiently answered all of our questions, grilled us further on the financial goals we each felt we needed to accomplish and then came up with a plan of what they felt would be the best approach for each us with what monies we had to invest and our level of comfort factor.  The amazing part of this story is that this all took place over months of hard work and patience on Jason and Sam’s part.  Kimo being an engineer ask Sam to perform countless runs of his scenarios alone.  Most financial planners by this point would have told us to take a hike, but Sam patiently ran every scenario we ask for and answered every question we had and never made us feel rushed to make any decisions.

Now the story gets even better.  I was rejected earlier in the year for a whole life policy that one of the first financial planners we met with had submitted due to a medical condition that was described to me by my Dr.’s as nothing to worry about as long as the condition was monitored with a test every 18 months which I was following.  I was shocked that I was rejected as I am in great physical condition!

Sam took it upon himself to go to his underwriters and go to bat for me to get me accepted on a IUL policy.  The 1st financial planner that had gotten the policy rejected told me there was no way I would be accepted.  Well Sam not only got me accepted but got me accepted with No Rating!

Needless to say, the Jason and Sam team won us over with their patience, hard work, willingness to listen and expertise on providing us the answers were each looking for.  We look forward to many more years of successful retirement planning and advice from them and would highly recommend the Barefoot Retirement planning methods to anyone looking for a safe way to plan for retirement!

Thanks Jason and Sam!  You guys are the best!

Best regards,

Tara and Kimo Gonyea

DO THIS Before It’s Too Late…..

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