Day 6 Doyle Shuler’s Six Figure Boot Camp

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Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampDay 6 Of Doyle Shuler’s Six Figure Online Marketing BOOT CAMP



Using Funded Proposals can sometimes make the difference between success and failure online.  It’s just a smart way to market.  In this video I show you what funded proposals are and why you need to use them in your on business.

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Okay, so now you know what a funded proposal is, and why they are important.  So where do you find them?  Which are the best ones to offer?  Which ones can you be confidant that are solid, sound and offer an excellent value to your friends and business associates?  Good question.  I had to learn this the hard way over the years.  It cost me tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

Hopefully you can learn from my experience and not have to learn the hard way.  (I sure wish I would have run across someone like myself in the beginning…. I would have saved so much time and money.)  Oh well.  It was an education and it has surely served me well.

Here are my suggestions for Funded Proposals.

Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp


ACTION STEP 1This one is kinda fun. A big-time internet marketer named Russel Brunson has started a totally new concept in internet marketing.  Over the last several years Russel has made tens of millions of dollars marketing online, plus he has several Olympic medals, so you wouldn’t want to bet against him.

It’s kind of like a “group-on” for the success & personal development industry.  Russel somehow managed to convince a TON of his friends & colleagues to give up their BEST products at up to a 90% discount.  All you do is, at the link below, sign up and get notified. Everyday they will email you a Healthy, Wealthy or Wise offer.  The lowest prices start at midnight and prices go up every few hours.  The earlier in the day that you buy, they less you pay.  :)

Here’s The CRAZY Part. With this program, you can buy some of the best products in the business… at Up To 90% OFF.   It’s true.   90% OFF.  That’s amazing!  Talk about value…you won’t find more value… plus… its fun!

Step 1 Click the banner below and get signed up right now.

Step 2 Get signed up with their affiliate program and share your affiliate link with your friends and business members and/or prospects.  When they click your link and make a purchase… you earn profits!   How many people do you think will make purchases if they can get 90% off?  I know I’m a value shopper.

Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp




Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampACTION STEP 2…. As you have gone through this Boot Camp series, you have seen several different product offerings from Mike Dillard.  Mike is one of the premier online marketers and his products and information are as good as it gets.  Hopefully you have had a chance to purchase some of them.   Many mega-successful marketers credit Mike and his information to helping them “turn it around” and finally start making money.

Mike has many different products that you can offer and earn affiliate commissions.  They make perfect Funded Proposals.  However, there is one catch. Unlike most affiliate programs, Mike requires that you purchase at least one of his products… to earn the privilege of being able to offer any of his products and earn affiliate commissions.

So, if you have already purchased any of his products, you can go and sign up as an affiliate and start offering any and/or all of his other products.  If you have not purchased any of his products yet… please use my affiliate links below to do so.

And… if buy chance funds are tight… and you can’t afford to buy any of his more expensive products at the moment… you are in luck!  Mike lowest cost product is called:  “Building On a Budget”.   It’s a lead generating system for people who don’t have a huge advertising budget.   And… it’s ONLY $29.95 That’s it.   And after you buy this one product, you instantly get the rights to market any and all of Mike’s other products.  Cool.

To check it out, simply click HERE or click on the Red Book below.

Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampHere Are The Links To Mikes Other Products:

Magnetic Sponsoring

Black Belt Recruiting

PPC Domination

MLM Traffic Formula 2

The Copywriter’s Guild

What’s Working Now

Alpha Networker 2.0

Okay, we’ve learned a lot in the last 6 days but as you know, the learning never stops.  It’s all about Continuous Improvement.  The internet changes everyday and it’s really important to stay engaged and continue your learning process.  I can promise you this.  If you really commit yourself to really learning internet marketing and if you are willing to take continuous ACTION in spite of the situation you find yourself in… you will be able to write your own ticket.  Really.

Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampOnce you learn this… you can do internet marketing from anywhere in the world.  If you want to sit on a beach, under the palm trees, listening to the wind rustling through the palms and the ocean waves in the background… you can.  All you need is an internet connection and a cell phone…and you are good-to-go.  Learning internet marketing gives you FREEDOM.  And that’s gotta be worth the price to learn this stuff.

I hope I have played an important role in your journey.  If I can help you along the way, let me know.  Some of my best friends are people whom I have met along the way in internet marketing.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Talk soon….

God Bless,

Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp








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  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 6 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp