Day 1 Doyle Shuler’s Six Figure Boot Camp

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Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampDay 1 Of Doyle Shuler’s Six Figure Online Marketing BOOT CAMP



In this video I reveal what makes the difference between success and failure in online marketing. You will discover the types of web sites and business practices that absolutely do not work when marketing online.

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Note: Over the next six days I am going to be giving you A LOT excellent online marketing information.   At first, you may be wondering how all the pieces of the puzzle are going to fall into place, and things may not make sense right from the begining.

Learning internet marketing is a process.  It’s best to take the information you learn today, and build on it tomorrow…and consistently be moving forward and learning more each and every day.  Before you know it, you will look back and discover that you are almost an internet guru before you know it!  :)

Just know that the videos you watch, and the pages you read are the exact steps and processes that I and many other Industry Leaders take when building our online businesses to see massive results, bringing in Hundreds of distributors into our network marketing companies… and how YOU can do the same.  It’s a lot easier than you might think once you get the basic fundamentals of the marketing process down.

The key to your success online is TAKING ACTION! That’s right.  If you just sit on the sidelines, nothing will happen. To make it happen you have to get in the game, get started, and make things happen.  The longest journey begins with a single step.

Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot CampACTION STEP 1 If you’re new to internet marketing, the very first thing you should do is get a few Domain Names for yourself.

A domain name is the address to your website, or future website.  You may know it as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). You type a domain name into the address bar of your Internet browser when going to a website.  So, why is it important that you buy your own domain name if your company gives you an affiliate link like:  (

Well, there are a lot of reasons for this.

  • When you let your prospects know about your site, wouldn’t it make more sense to send them to a site like, rather than an affiliate URL like:
  • You own your personal URL so people can access your site easily
  • You cannot use affiliate tagged or replicated sites when posting ads on major search engines
  • The more memorable the name, the more chance others will return to your site which in turn, increase traffic.
  • Cost less than $9 per year, per URL.

To start off, you should always get one with your name, like: A site with your own name will help you Brand Yourself.  If your name is not available or if you have a common name like Bill Smith, or a popular name like Brad Pitt, you may want to choose a domain name like; or use your middle initial or middle name, or something like that.  Some marketers even use Pen Names to market with.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to get a domain name for your capture page and/or business.  A good URL for a Capture Page would be a generic, benefit type of URL such as: or or something like that.  The shorter the better.  You can keep your URL forever and if you ever switch businesses, you can simply switch the linking on your URL.

A good URL for your business would be one with your company name in it (if your company allows this), such as: or or something like that.  This helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ie:  helps your website get ranked in the search engines.

Quick Tips: Always capitalize the First Letter In Each Word In Your URL.  This helps people easily read it.  Also, I suggest you always choose a .com URL and don’t go with the other options such as .us, .net. .co, etc.

I have found without a doubt, the best place to go to get your Domain Names is GoDaddy.  They have excellent service, you can simply call them up… and they will walk you though and help you do anything you need to do. I have tons of URLs and I love GoDaddy! I suggest you grab some URLs while they are still available.  Everyday tons of them get scooped up!

Want To Save Some Money? Simply click the GoDaddy link below to Save off of their regular price and then, when you are checking out, type in the Discount Code: diggnation and you will save an additional 20% to 25% .


Don’t delay… grab your URLs while they are still available and get started TODAY!

I look forward to our journey together.

Yours In Mastery,

Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp









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  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp
  • Day 1 Doyle Shulers Six Figure Boot Camp